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Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri (left ) and his wife doing a jig  to celebrate the graduation  celebration of their daughter Silvia Mukami at the family home in Kanjinji , Mwea yesterday  after she graduated with a law degree from Kenyatta University on December 2020  

Some leaders , parents and their children have expressed reservations over the manner in which universities frustrate them on examinations  records  which force then to remain  at the institutions longer than usual.

Deputy Governor Peter  Ndambiri (left) his newly graduated law student Silvia Mukami (center) and her mother who escorted her to a thanksgiving party held at their Kanjinji rural home, Mwea on December 20th

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri and the Nyeri County Speaker John Kagucia said it was wrong    for certain lecturers to frustrate students by irregularly misplacing their examination results.

“By constantly withholding examination results for some students or misplacing such documents which results to  students being forced to stay  at the university  longer than usual  is not only immoral but unprofessional as it compels parents to continue paying unnecessary fees year in year out,”said Ndambiri.

Speaking during celebrations for his daughter Silvia Mukami  who graduated last week with a Law degree from Kenyatta University yesterday at his Kanjinji rural home, Ndambiri urged the government to establish a body  which will be supervising the manner in which examinations were being conducted .

“Unless the universities streamline the manner in which examinations were administered, marked and the results well kept , then the government should urgently establish a supervisory body to ensure students were not frustrated by some  lecturers, “he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Kagucia who said he was aware of many students who had overstayed longer than the stipulated four years at the university due to improper storage of examination records or intentional and deliberate frustrations by some lecturers.

“When such anomalies occur at some of our universities both children and parents end up being frustrated ,exploited and helpless  since  they remain  ‘imprisoned’ financially and psychologically  for as long as the institutions deem fit,”he said.

The Speaker said it was unfortunate that Mukami had to remain at the University for ten years due to  neither her  fault nor that of her  parents who tirelessly continued to pay  for tuition fee all  through the period .

Kagucia however said  despite the frustration Mukami faced  she did not lose focus until her graduation  day last week as she now prepares join the Kenya school of law for her post graduate diploma  studies.

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