Forum to vet seeking for various elective posts come 2022

Gichugu Opinion Shapers Forum , end of year Mugithi pictorial at the Sifa Gardens, Kutus last evening

Politicians wishing to vie for any elective position come the 2022 general elections in Gichugu Constituency will have to be vetted to ensure no opportunists sailed through .

The process will also lock out mediocrity from the elective leadership to avoid the area becoming a laughing stock.

The Gichugu Opinion Shapers Forum will be tasked with the vetting process, according to its chairman Waweru Njogu .

He said  the constituency wanted to have the best elected  leadership unlike the past when mediocrity  was the order  .

“Time has come for the Gichugu people to be represented and led by men and women who have what it takes to hold such elective positions, “he said.

Speaking at the Sifa Gardens in Kutus town last evening during the Forum’s   end of year party, Njogu said this time round Gichugu will not accept just anyone from the blues to  occupy such serious positions.

“We are aware of certain people who only surface during the electioneering period and who come pouring huge sums of money and end up being elected only to abandon the voters  and their unfulfilled promises , “ he said.

Members of the Forum also  said they will ensure discipline prevailed  this new year amongst them.

They cautioned those who hurl insults to each other through the Forum’s what’s up page and   asked those with personal differences to sort them out elsewhere.

Shujaa Rose Wachira  who was present said she was impressed by the  Forum’s efforts to unite the Gichugu people .

“If you continue this way the unity you are forging will certainly later engulf the entire county for better and foster development, “she said .

The Forum also seeks to uplift youths with different   talents from the area especially musicians.

The area has a wide variety of musicians secular and gospel as well as comedians.


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