Two policemen die of gun shots over a woman

A Picture of Wanguru Prison in Kirinyaga East Sub-county

A police officer and a Prison Corporal have died of gun shots over a love affair within the house of a senior prison   woman colleague at Gathigiriri G.K.Prison , Mwea, Kirinyaga County.

The incident which occurred slightly after 7 pm last night has caused anxiety at the   facility as both the Warders and inmates alike come to terms with the   double tragedy that occurred in the name of love.

According to police reports, a Corporal Boniface Mithamo Ngaragari based at Kianyaga police station in Kirinyaga East Sub-county went to visit his estranged wife who is a Senior Sergeant at the prison.

Upon arrival according to a dispatch from Wanguru police station , Ngaragari found his wife  , children and another prison officer from the same facility having dinner .

The dispatch further indicated that the    house belonged to the estranged woman who was now   a girl friend to Kering Kipkosgei .

It emerged that   upon entering the house Ngaragari demanded to  know what Kipkosgei was doing  in the house  and scuffle ensued .

Ngaragari  removed his shirt and started fighting the ‘intruder’ while the  woman stepped in and separated the two.

The woman who lives at the senior  prison quarters managed to get hold of  Ngaragari but even befofore stepping out , all hell  broke out .

“But Kipkosgei  who had retreated to   kitchen and  who was armed with a   pistol drew the gun and shot Ngaragari at point blank at the right side of the neck  with the bullet exiting through the head,”the dispatch indicated.

Realising he had fatally shot  his rival, he turned the gun on himself and shot himself through  the head .

The two were later rushed to Karira  Mission hospital where they pronounced dead on arrival .

It was also established that Ngaragari was attached to the Kirinyaga East Sub-County  as driver to the area senior administrator     while   the official Subaru vehicle he uses was found parked at the scene on the incident .

Coincidentally both Ngaragari and Kipkosgei were drivers within their respective  duty stations.

Isaac  Bwire Naderia (SSP), and Deputy Officer In charge of the prison  reported the incident to  the nearby Wanguru police  station where the natter is now being handled .

The bodies are lying at the hospital mortuary awaiting a post mortem examination while the woman and the two young children Ngaragari had with her  and  who witnessed the shooting are seriously traumatized .




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