Royal Bee Keepers Trading Company eyes big Business in 2021

Bouyed by good business in 2021, Royal BeeKeepers Trading Company is eyeing greater business in selling honey and honey products. Royal BeeKeepers Trading Company Limited started it’s operations in 2012 with the aim of keeping its own Bee hive and produce pure processed refined honey.we have 1055 langstroth hive and Kenya Top  Bar Hives known as(KTBH) in Njûkî-inî woodland forest in Gîchûgû.   Some of our hives being manufactured at their woodwork yard owned Royal Bee Keepers Company   Royal BeeKeepers Trading Company processes, packs and distributes honey blanded Royal Honey to supermarkets and wholesalers at a reduced cost.Honey varies from where the bees collect their nectar from. our honey has natural aroma in it.
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