Police housing program to be reviewed

A program for the Kenya Police Officers to rent houses outside the police lines rolled out two years is set for review soon, it has been confirmed.

According to the National Police Service Chairman Eliud Kinuthia the project should be reviewed to enable the government to continue, improve or abolish it altogether depending on the outcome of the study.

The official said the program was rolled out to address the acute shortage of houses   within the respective police lines and as a means to integrate police officers with civilians.

He said police officers living outside their duty stations were being paid a house allowance commensurate with the ranks

Speaking to  the media at Wanguru police  station , Kinuthia said the Service was aware of some officers who hail from well up families were uncomfortable with the houses available within their working stations  but everything was being done to improve them.

Kinuthia said he was also aware some officers who have been through mental anguish due to the nature of their work.

He also said some officers who come from bandit prone areas were likely to experience mental disorders and  end up committing heinous acts  as recently witnessed in the area .

“Some officers who are the first to visit scenes of accidents, murders and all sorts of social  upheavals end up being traumatized   with  some even having lasting psychological illness  a phenomenon we are seriously addressing ,”Kinuthia said.

Kinuthia also said some officers had a tendency like any other human beings borrow hefty loans they were unable  to service thereby ending up suffering financially and prone to domestic violence .

The  official was  in the area to  console the officers whose  colleague was shot dead at the Gathigiriri G.K senior staff quarters recently over a love triangle .

The prison Warder on shooting the officer  then shot himself  though the  head and died on the spot .

“Young men and women who have no experience in marital matters have been caught up in love triangle webs leading to deaths or seriously injuries hence urgent need to counsel them and also for them to speak out”, he added .

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