Mr. Cummings’s office, Mr. Cummings himself and Mr. Meehan’s office did not respond to requests for comment on Monday. But the rage appears to stem from Mr. Cummings’s decision a month ago to join the inquisition to criticize Mr. Schiff’s work on the Intelligence Committee, after Mr. Schiff released a four-page summary of the panel’s conclusions, suggesting the president sought to wield the power of the presidency in foreign affairs. The measure is known as a housekeeping bill, and has the status of a stopgap measure in the Senate, where it appears stalled.

Now the fireworks have erupted amid months of simmering outrage, especially from Mr. Trump and his allies on Capitol Hill, over Mr. Schiff’s claims, first reported by The New York Times on Saturday, that Mr. Trump had pursued an affair with a Ukraine-born American businesswoman, during which he sought dirt on his 2020 Democratic rival, Joseph R. Biden. The president has threatened to withhold nearly $400 million in military aid to Ukraine pending a decision on whether to investigate his political rival, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, both for his own conduct and that of his son, Hunter, who sat on the board of a Ukrainian gas company, despite the family’s insistence that he and his father had no role in his company’s business dealings.

Both Mr. Nunes and Mr. McCarthy seemed to pledge support to Mr. Meehan, who has no other recorded episodes of his term to date. “I will work for the 116th Congress and fulfill my duties as Chairman,” Mr. Nunes wrote.

And Mr. Meehan sent his own letter to his colleagues, saying, “I have been informed of my irrelevance to the Democratic side of the House of Representatives, by a Democrat who has publicly promised to ‘destroy’ me.” He said the Democrats pursuing their criticisms of Mr. Schiff’s committee work had “illegitimately and unethically” pressured fellow Democrats to join the House investigation into the complaint.

“My ‘termination’ is a comedy of errors

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